New tricks for the old spud.

After finishing a rather mundane day at work, I popped into my local newsagent and picked up a copy of the November issue of delicious.

For those of you that don't know, delicious. is a fantastic food magazine that combines seasonal recipes, reviews and thought provoking articles on food, farming and anything else related to the kitchen. In particular, Chloe Scott's essay in their September issue, Would you let a robot cook your lunch? raised some intriguing questions about artificial intelligence. It is this amalgamation of cyber ethics, food sustainability and general discussion about food that makes me buy it every month. There is more than just recipes although they themselves are amazing.

Anyway, in their October issue I came across a recipe for jacket potatoes that I couldn't resist trying. Unfortunately it was one of those culinary ventures of mine with no photographic evidence. I made bay and garlic studded hasselbacks with taleggio, and it was fabulous. I loved it so much, not just because of its taste but also because of it being a new way to eat baked potatoes.

So, I wrote into the magazine to say just this and they printed it! Definitely a pleasant surprise...

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