Summer Blogging Goals

- 5 Goals To Achieve In July & August -

I started up my blog about ten months ago, and honestly I was super lazy with it. I planned nothing nor had I any expectations. My thinking seemed to be 'if I have something to say, I'll write it.' It became apparent that only the same two or three people were reading it.

Eventually I became disillusioned. The blog was going nowhere in my mind, so I put little effort into it. Turns out this was a vicious cycle. If I saw it going no where, then I put in no work which meant it actually wouldn't go anywhere.

The past week or so I've been more proactive with platforming, putting myself out there on social media and writing. Through using Twitter more I've managed to engage, connect with and learn from other bloggers. And while I try not to focus too much on numbers, my efforts have resulted in 50+ plus followers in three days. That's almost double what I had. This has given me a boost in confidence and more of a drive for discipline with my blog.

So with that in mind, I've set myself five blogging goals over the summer to help grow my site over July and August.

1. Choose Two Days To Post. Although recently I've had more ideas for things to write about, my posting has been a bit sporadic. Not only that, I don't have a deadline to push myself. I've had several posts in my drafts for months that I know I can finish if I told myself there was a day they had to be done.

2. Set Aside One Hour Each Day To Write. I work shifts which change every week and I've no idea when my days off will be. If I dedicate at least one hour a night, more if possible, I could be a lot more productive. This could be half an hour in the morning then another thirty minutes in the evening.

3. Invest In A Camera & Learn More About Photography. All my photos are taken with my phone and I've only Instagram filters. They look super amateur but at least they're my own pictures. Nevertheless, it's super intimidating knowing what my pictures look like compared to others. If I invest in a good camera and learn more about angles and lighting I could be a lot happier with the results and increase stats.

4. Work On SEO & Promoting My Blog. Like many beginner bloggers this three letter acronym made as much sense to me as a document in an ancient language. Over the summer I need to read up, watch tutorials on and learn about SEO.

5. Try Not To Focus On A Follower Count. This might be the hardest one so far. We associate numbers with success, whether we like it or not. I already said that doubling my follower count of Twitter gave me a confidence boost. That said, I've noticed that Facebook and Twitter likes do not equal blog views. I uploaded a blog post onto Instagram and got 40+ likes from accounts I don't follow...but not a single person seemed to actually click on the link? I need to focus on quality of blog posts, engaging with other bloggers and promoting the site in a way that will actually increase stats.

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