Five YouTube Foodies You Need To Watch

I love, love love cooking and food. Obviously. Otherwise why would I have a food blog?! But not only that, I'm obsessed with watching people cook and hear them talking about food. It's no surprise then that I'm a big fan of YouTube cooks.

Over the past few months I've been watching and learning from many different people via YouTube. It's great watching someone cook, so you can see exactly how they do it. Sometimes when you read a cookbook you have to read the same line over and over again to work out how exactly to do it.

I decided to make a short list of five of my favourite YouTube foodies, although there are many many more. I also linked one of their videos underneath which is pretty much something I'm yet to make but cannot wait to try!

Now you might be going through this list and think, 'wait, aren't you vegan? Why are you promoting non-vegan cooks?' I've only included one non-vegan cook, Maangchi. I have no intention of ever recreating her non-vegan meals but her channel has a lot of vegetarian (easily vegan adaptable) recipes. They also aren't all gluten free, but again I would adapt the recipes.

None of these foodies have been involved with this post (I'm not that popular for collab ha!). I just want to share. I hope you check them out and find at least one recipe you'll want to recreate!

1. CookingWithPlants - Anja

Anja's channel is one of my favourite on YouTube, which you can find here and her website here. Anja became vegan for health reasons and since then has developed fantastic and delicious recipes. I could watch her videos all day. Some of my favourite videos are her cheeses, gluten-free seitan and (gluten free) peanut butter chickpea burgers.

There is not a whole lot of complicated cooking with Anja's recipes. Usually it is all ingredients most vegans will have in their kitchens. You can really see that she enjoys her cooking and her food always turns out tasty. I'm pretty sure I have half a notebook filled with recipes from her channel..! I've linked below a recipe for a 'maple glazed tofu with a no cook apricot stuffing.' I watched the entire thing with my mouth wide open. I'm making this ASAP!

2. Maangchi

I must have spent about an hour or more just watching Maangchi's YouTube videos. The way Maangchi talks about her cooking and watching her in her own kitchen feels natural, almost as if you're an eager child sitting by the kitchen table watching magic happen.

Maangch's cooking is Korean based on what she knows and it all looks so, so good. Although not a vegan cook there are many vegetarian recipes easily adaptable to vegan. One of the recent videos is a side dish 'Steamed Perilla Leaves (Kkaennipjjin)' that looks amazingly delicious and I really want to make it. You can check it out below! The original recipe isn't vegan as it contains fish sauce, but can easily be omitted and substituted for another tablespoon of soy sauce (tamari for those gluten free!).

3. Mary's Test Kitchen

Based in Canada Mary is another superstar that creates mouthwatering vegan meals. Mary's YouTube channel and website are both filled with recipes that make you want to call in sick to work so you can just spend an entire day either reading, watching or even trying your hand at cooking.

There are vegan recipes for guà bāo, cream donuts, fried chicken - everything! The YouTube channel also has 'What I Ate Wednesdays' so you can see what Mary eats (and how it's cooked). The video I decided to link is gochugaru tofu subs. Now that I'm working Mon-Fri, 9-5, I actually need to make lunches because the cafeteria's only vegan option is chips. This recipes is perfect for lunch! But before I made that realisation, I still thought it looked amazing and there is a bag of gochugaru is in my Amazon basket....

4. Peaceful Cuisine - Ryoya

Peaceful Cuisine is the vegan YouTube channel run by Ryoya from Japan. The first ever video I watched from his channel was a garbanzo (chickpea) silken tofu. I thought to myself 'I'm probably never going to make this, but this video was beautiful.' Thankfully I decided to explore a bit further and check out the other recipes, where you have Japanese cuisine, Ethiopian hummus and ice creams.

The rest of the recipes gave me that same feeling when watching the garbanzo tofu video. There is neither talking nor sound effects in some of the videos. All you hear are the rustling of packets, the hob turning on, and the clinking of cutlery and utensils. Prepared to be in awe at the photography, lighting and the general aesthetic of the videos.

The first three videos I linked have been two mains and one side, so I decided to go for a dessert. This is Ryoya's lemon curd; both it and the video are amazing. Vegan and gluten free, who doesn't want to make these?! There is background music but you can really hear the grating of the lemon, the oven fan and even the opening of the can of coconut milk.

5. FullyRawKristina Kristina

Okay, so last but definitely not least - Kristina at FullyRawKristina! This one might be a bit surprising, maybe, because I am definitely not a raw vegan. I love frying and roasted potatoes too much. Yet as an entrepreneur, activist, public speaker, author and health coach, Kristina's videos are so inspiring and she makes raw food look good. And I mean good!

It isn't all lettuce leaves. There are cakes, ice creams, cheesecakes, sweet pies and cupcakes! You can make vegan pad thai, lasagna, and even cauliflower buffalo wings. I drool watching these creations. The videos on the channel are not always about recipes but various issues and health related content.

So while I've said I'm not a raw vegan, and I honestly don't think I would ever adopt a fully raw vegan diet that doesn't mean I'm not interested in incorporating elements. Knowing that healthy can be delicious is even better, and I really want to start having smoothies in the morning.

For the video link I chose curry noodles. You might think that curry noodles and raw vegan don't go together, and even I was a little bemused/concerned. But yet! This video made a believer out of me. Maybe if I do a raw vegan week, this will be my Monday curry dinner? It's gluten free with the spiralised zucchini noodles, which is always a bonus.

So there we have it, my top five Youtube foodies. Whenever I go on YouTube there are always videos from these accounts just asking to be watched. With the power of social media and YouTube, vegan cooking and vegan recipes are so much more available. We can experiment, explore and enjoy foods and dishes we might have considered off-limits. Thankfully there are others who have done the hard work already, all we have to do is read the ingredients list and hope it turns out just as good.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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